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Our goal is to achieve superior returns by creating a community of like-minded investors. Our investors will receive exclusive access to high conviction investment opportunities that we are co-investing in!

Shaun has been a full-time share investor for 20 years with a focus on Micro & Small Cap ASX listed Companies. Off the back of his track record in seeking out undervalued investment opportunities, Shaun has become a well-known investor within the ASX small-cap community, with investors regularly following him into deals. Using his experience in the market, Shaun has built up a massive broker network offering him countless IPOs, placements, and RTOs. Through these connections, Shaun devotes many hours to studying term sheets to find value deals on the ASX. Understanding complicated structures and seeking out creative ways to fund companies outside of traditional structures is also one of his strengths.

Shaun Factor,
Ignite Equity Director

Greg has spent over 20 years as a professional hedge fund investor, notably as a partner at $3bn fund P Schoenfeld Asset Management, Credit Suisse, and Schroders (New York).  Most recently, Greg is the CEO of 180 Markets focusing on ASX Capital Raises.

  Greg has actively invested across a wide range of products including listed equities, unlisted equities, bonds, banks debt, distressed debt, foreclosure loan notes, physical real estate, and various property deal structures.

  In particular, Greg created a Special Purpose Vehicle to purchase Australian distressed bank debt in 2009 and created a single-family home portfolio in Los Angeles.

Greg Lowe,
Ignite Equity Director

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